Philly Startup Weekend

NeckUp Team Members

My experience with Philly Startup Weekend 2018.

Last weekend (Nov 9-11), thanks to Haverford Innovation Program, I had the opportunity to attend Philly Startup Weekend, a worldwide initiative in which designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains gather together to pitch an idea and bring that idea to life in 54 hours. Philly Startup Weekend is one of the most memorable events that I have attended.
Friday was full of excitement coupled with anxiety. The event started out by having half the room line up on the stage to pitch their ideas. Imagine speed dating, but with the potential that you can actually make money with the right choice (though speed dating and making money are not mutually exclusive, but that's the matter of another blog post). After the pitching session, I joined forces with a physical therapist, an electrical engineer, a designer and three other students from New Jersey to work on the idea which we later call NeckUp - an interactive and non-invasive mobile app to develop muscle memory for correcting your posture.
I was excited to work with not only other students but also professionals, yet at the same time, I was nervous to take on the role of the sole developer in the team despite not having developed an app before. I got back to Haverford late that night and spent the next 3 hours making my first Hello World app with Android Studio.
The next morning, I started out by reading the guide on Google on developing an Android app and managed to integrate the gyroscope and other motion sensors with the screen brightness into the app. When the app is installed on the phone, if the phone is not held at the optimal level for reducing neck pain, then the screen brightness will decrease, prompting the user to hold the screen correctly. Over time, our team hope that users would develop a habit of using the phone in the correct posture thanks to the app. 
The event as a whole was full of fun. The sun setting; 10 hours of working having passed, I decided to lead a stretching session for members of my team having 2 years yoga experience on hand. Not only did we have a lot of fun, but our team also won the second place out of 11 start-ups who presented. Philly Startup Weekend was definitely a weekend of learning, connecting, and doing zero school work (no regrets).

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