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Philly Startup Weekend 2018

NeckUp Team Members

My experience with Philly Startup Weekend 2018

Last weekend (Nov 9-11), thanks to Haverford Innovation Program, I had the opportunity to attend Philly Startup Weekend, a worldwide initiative in which designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains gather together to pitch an idea and bring that idea to life in 54 hours. Philly Startup Weekend is one of the most memorable events that I have attended... r e a d   m o r e

Review: Cho Toi Xin Mot Ve Di Tuoi Tho (Ticket to Childhood)

Cho toi xin mot ve di tuoi tho

Review of Cho toi xin mot ve di Tuoi tho (Ticket to Childhood)

A portrait of a curly boy on a yellowish book cover in a nearby bookstore captivated my eyes. I purchased it. Cho toi xin mot ve di Tuoi tho (Give me a ticket back to Childhood) by Anh N. Nguyen soon became my most cherished book. This is the book that I could not put down when I was young, neither can I now, nor will I put it down any time soon... r e a d   m o r e

Vietnamese Operation Babylift Adoptees: Saved or Lost?
Operation Babylift

An exposé of the US Motives behind Operation Babylift during the Vietnam War

"We dare not only to question the historical interpretations of the Vietnam war, but also other people's motives and methods for transporting us out of our birth countries. The question we ask is one few people are willing, or even prepared, to answer. Who made us orphans in the first place?"... r e a d   m o r e

Translation - A Digital Story

A story about family, love, and growth

I made this video during Fall Break 2017 Digital Storytelling Workshop with Haverford College Instructional Technology Center using Adobe Premiere CC. Making this video was hard, but writing this story was even harder... r e a d   m o r e

Immigrants In, Money Out
Immigration Remittance

A Review of Remittance Effects on the United States

As the debate around immigration becomes more charged in today’s political climate, immigration opponents begin to look more closely at remittances as a negative outflow from the host country. They contend that immigrants work, use resources, and earn money in the United States, yet choose to transfer money out of the country.... r e a d   m o r e

Waitlist Tip
College Waitlist

A letter to those who are waiting for college waitlist decisions.

Năm ngoái, anh nhận thư đỗ đại học Soka đợt EA rất sớm, rồi quyết định đợt ED2/RD apply thêm 14 trường nữa nhưng cuối cùng nhận lại 5 waitlist và 9 rejections.

Anh hiểu cảm giác của các em trong giai đoạn này khi bạn bè ai cũng đỗ ngôi trường phù hợp còn mình thì chưa... r e a d   m o r e

Hello World!
HTML Code Sample

This post is my first attempt at learning HTML and hosting web page on github. At the beginning of the summer, I wanted to build a website for myself. I started looking... r e a d   m o r e